Drop Kerb Installers in Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Surrey and East Sussex

Also known as crossovers, dropped kerbs provide easier access from the road to your driveway. Without a dip in the pathway, your vehicle might suffer damage, leading to repairs costs in the longer term. This is where our drop kerb installers come in. With a vast amount of experience, we offer a knowledgeable service that takes the fuss out of adding a kerb to the front of your property, whether it’s in Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells or the nearby towns and villages.

Aside from the damage your car may suffer, it’s actually illegal to drive across a footpath. This makes applying for a drop kerb essential, and the sooner you gain approval from the local authority, the sooner you can come and go as you please.

We can offer:

  • A free quotation and advice
  • Help with planning approval
  • Removal of old kerb materials
  • Stress-free installation work
  • A quick and convenient process
  • Domestic and commercial work
  • A complete, start-to-finish service
  • All changes to modern regulations

If you need experienced drop kerb installers, contact us for a consultation and survey. We can discuss every aspect, from the length and width of the kerb to the necessary approvals, then provide a free quotation for your consideration.

Guidance and Installation From the Trusted Drop Kerb Installers

There are many things to consider before we can install your drop kerb. We start by measuring the paved area and looking or any utility services present, then gain a clear understanding of the road itself. From there, we can work with the local council to help your plans go ahead. Once approved, our drop kerb installers will complete the work in full compliance with modern legislation.

What May Affect My Planning Applications?

The type of road can impact whether or not you need planning consent. For example, a private or ‘unclassified’ road can be altered without consent, while Class A, B and III will demand the right approvals. Likewise, it’s vital for the local council to know whether your drop kerb is for domestic or commercial use. We understand you may have some questions and find this process confusing, so we’re happy to lend a guiding hand and make the planning stage as simple as possible.

Our drop kerb installers make life easier for clients across Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Kent, Surrey and East Sussex. Our work is fully above board, and we keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

Your Council-Approved Drop Kerb Installers

When you choose M Jaques Groundworks Ltd, you receive the care of a council-approved team that’s also a member of Buy With Confidence. Our staff carry CSCS cards and, with experience in domestic and commercial work, can install a new drop kerb outside your property in great time. By calling on us for your kerbing project, you gain a trusted team that makes sense of today’s regulations and provides precise workmanship that satisfies not only the client, but also the local authorities.

Get In Touch

If you need drop kerb installers in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Kent or the Surrey area, please call today on either 01435 865831 or 07903 931133.