Foundation Installation in Sevenoaks | Signs You Need a New Driveway, Drainage or a Reliable Groundworks Service

Here at M Jaques Groundworks Ltd, we do our best to make life as easy as possible for our domestic and commercial clients. From new driveways to drainage preparation and foundation installation, our team delivers quality at competitive prices. That said, not everyone knows when they need a trusted company. Known locally in Sevenoaks as drop kerb installers and a whole lot more, we take on a diverse range of projects and can offer the friendly advice you need.

Below, we look at just some of the times we can help. If any of these projects apply to you, then get in touch at a time that’s most convenient.

A Damaged Driveway – When’s the last time you stood back and admired your driveway? If it appears faded, cracked, or no longer suits the style of the property, then you probably should call in the professionals. By coming to us for a new driveway, you can enjoy a revitalised surface that delivers big on kerb appeal. Our groundworks team provides tarmac, gravel, concrete and block paving for driveways, ensuring they look the part and last for decades with little maintenance.

A New Build or Extension – If you want to extend your house in the Sevenoaks area, it’s worth remembering that you can’t just start laying bricks on the ground. Instead, the process demands foundation installation and drainage preparation as part of a comprehensive groundworks process. New builds demand special care too, and anything less could cause all sorts of drainage problems or issues with subsidence later on.

You Have Another Vehicle –
If you plan to add a new driveway or extend your existing surface to make way for second vehicle, you will likely need to call in your local drop kerb installers. Our council-approved team can advise in this regard, and even manage the process on your behalf.

An Unsightly Surface – Roads, patios and other hardstanding areas will begin to degrade, even when professionally installed. At this point, you can rely on M Jaques Groundworks Ltd. We take on a wide range of road surfacing projects across Sevenoaks and beyond, and lay patios and new driveways that retain their visual appeal.

Foundation Concerns – Ground conditions can change, leading to large cracks in your property, and doors and windows that no longer fit as they should. As your house lists to one side, you may begin to panic, especially when you think about the potential costs and disruption involved. Our groundworks team does more than foundation installation and drainage preparation. In fact, we offer a reliable underpinning process that restores stability and fights back against ground heave.

A Major Project on the Horizon – New builds, in-depth landscaping jobs and road projects around Sevenoaks can prove more demanding than you expect. You may also need drop kerb installers known with the local council, or you could use someone to create a new driveway for a large commercial space. At M Jaques Groundworks Ltd, we offer plant and lorry hire, supply large quantities of high-quality aggregates, and accept all manner of earthwork projects with a ‘can-do’ approach.

By offering a wide range of services, we can cater to the above needs and much, much more. Rest assured, everything we do complies with health and safety standards, whether it involves drainage preparation, underpinning or roadworks. We even serve as the region’s trusted drop kerb installers.

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