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Have you ever wondered what keeps properties upright for centuries at a time? If not, you’re not alone. Most never stop to think about how roads, new driveways and other structures get made. Indeed, we only care about how they look. As drop kerb installers and with a talent for groundworks, we understand the finer details of these processes and can adapt to any challenge. We specialise in everything from drainage preparation to foundation installation, and perform a one-stop service in the area of Tunbridge Wells.

Keep reading to discover the importance of groundworks in the construction industry. Should you wish to make an enquiry, please speak with us at your first opportunity.

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Drop Kerbs – You can’t just install a drop kerb outside your home. First, you must gain approval from the local council. Our drop kerb installers aid with this process, before delivering high-quality work that fully complies with current regulations.

New Driveways – Give your property in Tunbridge Wells or the surrounding areas the kerb appeal it deserves by asking us to provide a new driveway. We tear out the old materials to make way for a new gravel, tarmac, concrete or block-paved surface.

So What Are Groundworks?

This term refers to all works that take place before the build. You can expect this to include the preparation of soil and other sub-surface layers, as well as drainage preparation that enables foul and surface water to enter the sewers. It might also involve adding utilities such as cables and phone lines and can even refer to reinforced basements in Tunbridge Wells or the surrounding areas.

Groundworks encompass everything from excavation, muck away, ditching and earth levelling to reinstatement and foundation installations. Even new driveways demand great care during this initial process.

Why Are These Important?

It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your project might be. It all begins with the efforts of the qualified groundwork contractors. A home or workplace will need the right foundations, or it may sink into the soil below. Poorly installed foundations can also lead to subsidence issues, cracks in the walls, ill-fitting door frames and other long-term problems. When this happens, you might need underpinning to bring the property to a good state of repair. Remember, drop kerb installers will also need to minimise problems, so it’s worth finding the most reliable team available.

Drainage preparation allows wastewater to flow freely into the sewers and protects against flooding in Tunbridge Wells. Also note that excavation, muck away, site clearance and foundations all need to run to a set timeframe or the construction may suffer from delays or exceed the budget agreed.

Special Considerations

The process starts with a ground investigation to check for past land uses, stability, soil conditions and contamination. This will typically involve assessing the geology and hydrology of the land, giving time to prepare the ground for the upcoming structural work. From there, a groundworks team will remove the topsoil, excavate to the right depth and level out the environment as needed.

They will also need to carry out drainage preparation prior to the build work itself – connecting the system to the sewers before ground-level pipes can be installed.

Foundation installation comes in various forms across Tunbridge Wells; from isolated footings to driven piles that reach beneath weak soil to firmer strata below.

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