Constructing Stunning Driveways in East Sussex, Kent & All Surrounding Areas | M Jaques Groundworks and Surfacing

While investing in new driveways might not offer the same level of excitement as something like an extension or home refurbishment, they are still a vital aspect of your property that shouldn’t be neglected. Old and shabby driveways not only impact curb appeal and lead to poor first impressions from general visitors or would-be buyers, but pose a risk to vehicles and those on foot if there are loose pavers or potholes present. East Sussex’s M Jaques Groundworks and Surfacing, who cover all nearby areas including Kent and the wider southeast, such as Eastbourne and Tunbridge Wells, are on hand to install stunning new driveways designed to your specifications.

Our groundwork contractors work with a range of different, high quality materials to ensure you can benefit from something that looks the part, and ticks every box on your wish list. The project will be carefully managed to ensure it’s completed on schedule, within budget, while overcoming any logistical challenges such as the need to work within set hours.

Choosing M Jaques Groundworks and Surfacing for new driveways ensures:

  • You receive a free consultation, survey and quote
  • Old driveway materials are carefully removed and responsibly disposed of
  • Groundworks are delivered to a meticulous standard
  • Any required soakaways are installed to ensure proper drainage
  • Entrances, walls and edging create a one-of-a-kind, bespoke finish
  • Quality tarmac, concrete and gravel are supplied and delivered to the site
  • Block paving is an option to create an eye-catching design and finish
  • The service you receive is at all times friendly and personable

So if you’re situated in the Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Kent or East Sussex areas – or any other area listed on our areas we cover page – why not call us to book in a survey and consultation? Our driveways can add significant value to properties, and are built to last an impressively long-time when well looked after.

Materials We Use for Driveways

Tarmac Driveways – For a simple yet classic look that’s affordable and easy to care for, consider tarmac. It’s weather resistant, and when installed and sealed by a team that knows what it’s doing, like M Jaques Groundworks and Surfacing, can last in excess of 20 years.

Gravel Driveways – There’s something rustic and quintessentially British about gravel driveways. And alongside their unique and distinct look, customisable by choosing different combinations of gravel mixes, they are great for the security conscious as persons approaching your property will be heard by the sound they make under-foot!

Block Paving Driveways – Looking to get creative and make a statement? The range of different sized and coloured pavers our groundwork contractors can supply ensures you can when you opt for block paving driveways. Our bespoke block paving driveways don’t just look the picture, they’re easy to care for and if damaged, can be repaired simply and cheaply by replacing the affected pavers.

Concrete Driveways – For something straight forward and exceptionally durable, consider concrete. Low maintenance and no frills, if your driveway is constantly being used by multiple, heavy-duty vehicles, which may be the case for commercial and industrial clients in our principal service areas of Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Kent and East Sussex, concrete is a tough customer that’s up to the task.

Get a competitive quote on attractive, built-to-last driveways – call the Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Kent and East Sussex areas’ favoured groundwork contractors on 07300 877999.