Onsite Health & Safety – A Priority for Our Groundworks in Eastbourne | M Jaques Groundworks and Surfacing

One thing that separates the best groundwork contractors at work around Eastbourne, from companies you wouldn’t necessarily want to use, is their approach to health and safety. Even simple projects such as the installation of driveways and drop kerbs, require a careful and considered approach to minimise the likelihood of an on-site accident; and when it comes to road surfacing, road repairs and the alteration of drainage (which presents its own health risks), it’s perhaps even more vital. M Jaques Groundworks and Surfacing, on the page below, run over the precautions and approach it takes…

PPE – We have strict in-house guidance pertaining to the use of PPE on all activities undertaken by our groundwork contractors in Eastbourne and surrounding areas. Sturdy work boots, high-vis jackets when working on public highways (e.g for road surfacing road repairs projects, or the installation of drop kerbs), hardhats when working under scaffolding or around the types of heavy machinery we might employ on groundworks, goggles/safety glasses when fine dusts or other hazards might threaten unprotected eyes (sometimes relevant for removing / building driveways), and respiratory masks if working on drainage schemes.

A Tidy Site – So many accidents that occur on building and development sites around Eastbourne occur because materials and tools are misplaced, or there is general disarray and disorganisation. When building driveways, handling road surfacing projects or road repairs, altering drainage or performing any aspect of groundworks, we ensure that sites are kept tidy as we go. Yes, muckaway is part of the service we provide as groundwork contractors. But too many companies see this as simply a pre-handover end of job task. Tripping hazards, mislaid materials and tools, and really anything that has a slight chance of causing injury should be kept clear during the work.

Training – Using unproven workers on even smaller tasks e.g construction of driveways and drop kerbs, can drastically raise increase the chance of something going wrong during the course of a development. The training that groundwork contractors undertake focuses heavily on the proper use of equipment, plant and handling of materials. This is crucial when using diggers, rollers, tippers and similar heavy machinery – which our trained and licenced operators use for groundworks, road repairs, road surfacing and excavation of drainage around Eastbourne.

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