Drop Kerbs in East Sussex, Kent & All Surrounding Regions | M Jaques Groundworks and Surfacing

Looking to make the transition between your driveway and the street outside your home less jarring? Drop kerbs are exactly as they sound – a much lower kerb that is safe to drive across, providing a seamless transition between driveway and street. M Jaques Groundworks and Surfacing is a popular installer of drop kerbs active in, to name just a few areas we cover: Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex and Kent.

Also referred to as crossovers, these essential features can help prevent the kind of vehicular damage so commonly sustained that it’s literally referred to as “kerbing”. They also help you circumvent the law which prevents vehicles from driving across public footpaths. However, do keep in mind you will require planning permission from the local authority to have one installed…

Our groundwork contactors can help you secure said permission, in addition to providing:

  • Free quotes
  • Expert, no obligation advice
  • Removal of previous kerb
  • Disposal of any waste generated
  • A speedy, stress-less installation
  • Expert project management from start to finish
  • Work in line with all relevant regulations

So why not contact us for a consultation? We’ve installed countless drop kerbs, not just in Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex and Kent, but all surrounding regions.

The Ins & Outs of Dropped Kerb Installation

Before drop kerbs are installed, our groundwork contractors will need to carry out a survey to measure the paved area, and to ascertain whether any underground utility lines might be present. By getting a comprehensive idea of the footpath and road itself, we can draw up an authoritative and ultimately convincing proposal to submit to your local authority.

But what might affect your planning application? Chiefly: the classification of the road that’s being altered. Private and unclassified roads around Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, East Sussex and Kent can be altered without seeking permission, while Class A, B and III will all require application. Drop kerbs for commercial use are also subject to slightly different regulations than those for domestic use.

The fact this might seem somewhat obscure or complicated is why we assist our clients with getting the go-ahead. Other reasons we recommend choosing our groundwork contractors over alternate installers of drop kerbs active in the aforementioned areas, include that we are card carrying CSCS members with a huge amount of experience in this area, and a Buy With Confidence approved company. This makes for peace of mind, knowing you’ll receive a standard of service that meets all regulatory requirements, and appeases the local authority.

Drop kerbs can make life easier, safeguarding your vehicle from kerbing. Call East Sussex’s M Jaques Groundworks and Surfacing on 07300 877999 to arrange a consultation.