Reasons to Call in Our Groundwork Contractors in Kent | M Jaques Groundworks and Surfacing

Extension & New Build Prep – Before beginning any development activity, from a minor home extension, to a major new build scheme popping up in Kent, you need the pre-requisite groundworks to be delivered to a high quality standard. A poor standard of groundworks can endanger future phases, and threaten the safety of both workers, and occupants once handover is complete. Our groundwork contractors have over 50 years of experience handling excavations, trench filling, foundation construction and all other aspects of groundworks for a broad range of clients throughout the Kent region.

Potholes & Road Collapse – Over time, roads can start to show their age, with potholes and similar structural damage appearing and threatening damage to vehicles and the safety of drivers. Whether you’re acting on behalf of a local council somewhere in Kent, or are responsible for a privately situated road, you’ll want a team with the equipment, materials and knowhow to deliver quality road surfacing and road repairs. Comprehensive road surfacing may be required if the entire road is damaged or poses a serious risk of collapse. Potholes that have emerged due to a serious impact or similar one-off event may be solvable via targeted road repairs.

Repeated Drainage Problems – Do you find you’re always needing to get in drain companies to unblock your system? Or perhaps there are unpleasant odours that hang around? Another common problem experienced by our Kent clients is standing water which drainage simply can’t deal with. It may be time to excavate your drainage and find ways to alter or repair the system, restoring functionality and saving you a great sum over the long-term.

Difficulty Getting On & Off Driveways – Having to drive over a kerb to get onto and off of driveways is not simply bad for your vehicle, threatening tire damage and damage to vital parts under your chassis, but it’s actually illegal. But you may find there’s simply no other option yet. Consider bringing in our groundwork contractors to install drop kerbs. These are, as their name implied, lower kerbs which allow easy access to driveways. They do require council permission, however – so give us a call for help getting the go ahead for drop kerbs well before you expect work to begin.

Old & Damaged Driveways – A blight on kerb appeal, a tripping/safety hazard, and a peril to vehicles’ wellbeing. There’s a lot that worn, old or damaged driveways throw up. Luckily, M Jaques Groundworks and Surfacing is on hand to design and build beautiful new driveways to your precise specifications. Working with tarmac, concrete, gravel and block paving, we'll be able to find something that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

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